Debra Babarsky, M.A., L.P.C.

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Counseling - Family Therapy - Holistic Psychotherapy

Whether you are wanting to expand your enjoyment of life or learn to transform difficult emotions, moods or situations, counseling assists you in becoming the person you want to be. Counseling / therapy is a supportive process of discovering what and how self-concepts, beliefs, or behaviors are self-limiting and learning to successfully identify and transform them. The situations, losses, and difficulties that you experience provide you with the impetus you need to grow into a fuller more joyful life.  No matter what challenges life presents or how out of balance you feel, I believe that you have an inner capacity to move towards greater balance and mental, physical and spiritual health.  I assist individuals, families, and couples in learning how to do this, thereby transforming their problematic issues and achieving a greater sense of health and well-being.

      My role as a counselor is that of a co-creative guide, helping my clients to develop self-awareness, inner strength and a kinder more integrated relationship with themselves. My background in holistic health and family therapy allow me to understand the interconnectedness of all parts of a person's life and the importance of addressing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit as one. Often, a split or dis-ease in one area can affect the others and create imbalance and pain.  Likewise a healing focus in one area will contribute to the total health and well-being of the individual, couple, or family. As clients develop self-awarenesses and self-acceptance, they begin to develop an integrated and strong sense of self - an authentic self. Through building inner resources and skills, clarifying values and learning to carry out their intentions, clients resolve inner conflicts and turmoil and create lasting changes in themselves, their relationships, and their lives. Counseling will offer you new experiences and possibilities in life and help you to create a life that are more rewarding and enjoyable.
     Therapy is a courageous path of learning, unfolding, solidfying and expanding . It is an opportunity to transform and grow.  I welcome your call and questions.




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Areas of Specialization

Anxiety and Depression

Adjustment Disorders

Relationship Issues


Life Transitions

Body Identity / Consciousness

Chronic Illness & Pain

Crisis Intervention

Spiritual Development



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