Heal Yourself Through “The Medicine of the Future”

By Debra Babarsky, M.A.,L.P.C.

     If you have spent years learning about your health, psychology, energy, and spirit, but still find yourself in the same reactive patterns, suffering from similar symptomology, Integrative Quantum MedicineTM may help you find relief from the cause of your ailments and distress.  Integrative Quantum MedicineTM (known as IQM) is a transformative method of healing that teaches you energy awareness, access and mastery and offers a simple, easy way to release the energy that perpetuates imbalance and causes disease.  As science and medicine are now acknowledging, everything is energy, and if you are aware of how it manifests materially in your life, your body, your relationships, etc., you can work with it.  Integrative Quantum MedicineTM shows you how.

     Throughout life, it is natural to feel and experience all sorts of human emotions, feelings, and thoughts along with various physical symptoms. When your brain and body are triggered by what you currently feel or experience, “old stories”, threatening memories, fears and heightened reactions can alert your mind and body to go into a type of habituated response (often unconscious) that makes you feel the worst in a situation.  These difficult emotions, unhelpful thoughts, relationship conflicts, and physical symptoms are not the “enemy”, but getting stuck in them can create suffering and distress, lead to imbalance and if not alleviated – disease.  How you respond to and move through your experiences determines the quality of your life. 

     Developing insight and practicing new behaviors can empower a person to heal and transform, but at times, even if your cognitive mind knows what to do, your brain and nervous system are still following the old energy pathways.  Integrative Quantum MedicineTM teaches you to look at the cause of how your energy affects you, gives you skills to correct imbalances, and empowers you to access your own healing abilities.  It is an in the moment way to shift your energy and re-inforce the new experience you know is aligned with your highest good.  

     Integrative Quantum MedicineTM was created by Louise Mita who combined many different techniques of energy mastery, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Energetic Medicine, anatomy, physiology and quantum theory in a natural non-invasive approach to optimal health.  It requires no drugs, needles, herbs, tools, belief systems or physical contact while producing immediate results.  IQM is not a placebo nor employs the “power of suggestion”, as illustrated by the successful results with infants, children and animals and has offered relief for many individuals with a variety of physical, emotional and mental symptoms and illnesses.  IQM teaches you how to recognize the energy of your emotions, your mental thoughts, beliefs, patterns and physical manifestations, etc. and then to shift that energy creating immediate relief and greater ease and balance.  Utilizing a resource that is already a part of you, IQM teaches you how you can balance your own energy, heal your body and mind and lessen the impact that external forces have on you.

     Through my training as a holistic psychotherapist and counselor as well as my own personal journey of healing, I have spent the last 40 years learning and developing holistic practices that offer optimal support for health, psychology, energy and spirituality.  Learning IQM integrates everything I have learned and deepens my use of it in a practical, everyday way.  Utilizing this method, I easily and immediately manage my energy and the impact of others’ energy on me; I am more balanced and not as affected or challenged by whatever comes my way.  Through IQM, I have been able to relieve physical symptoms and sensitivities, balance emotions and create more peace in myself and my relationships.  My illnesses do not have the same hold or don’t occur, because I transform the energy that surrounds the illness and / or the memory that I have woven around it.  This method is especially helpful in addressing chronic conditions.

     For example, I woke up to my husband’s sleeplessness and felt concern as he got out of bed at 3 am.  He would have to drive almost 2 hours to his work and needed his sleep for a long day at work.  My concern for his welfare and my frustration at his need to get up and watch T.V. started to activate my brain and sympathetic nervous system, and I could feel my sleep turn into wakefulness.  Using the Integrative Quantum MedicineTM method of healing, I connected to Xen (a term the Chinese use for higher consciousness) and corrected both the mental and emotional responses that were quickly becoming a physical disturbance.  I immediately could feel the release of my over-involvement in his sleeplessness; my body relaxed and I soon fell back to sleep.  As we say in IQM – I became “strong” to his sleeplessness or in other words, his inability to sleep would no longer throw me out of balance or impact me negatively.  Is this just positive thinking?  No, this goes beyond belief, personality, resistance, etc.  It is connecting to a source of energy, an absolute truth that we all live within and can access.  This is where the “correction” is made from and where the source of healing originates.  It is indisputable that my life is better, if I defer to the higher truth or higher consciousness of a situation.  

     IQM is not the only way to connect to Xen or higher consciousness (what the Reiki practitioners call Rei), but it is the most effective one I have found.  IQM is not about seeking something outside yourself or needing a hierarchy of evolved beings to direct you there.  Xen is already a part of you and ready for access through this method.  IQM supports each person’s spiritual or religious beliefs yet does not require meditation, prayer, or ritual and can be used anywhere anytime.  I am practiced in many of the healing arts, meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. I value the work I have done with all the supportive teachers and healers who have helped me to become empowered around my health.  Integrative Quantum MedicineTM is another step in self–realization and transformation.  IQM is about “knowing” on a spiritual level (experiencing it through intuition, your body, mind  and psychic abilities) what is right choice and action. 

     There are many examples of how IQM is effective in working with physical symptoms. Sometimes, the changes are immediate.  Other times, a person’s Qi - life force energy has to recuperate and support the changes that IQM has made on an energetic level.  Your Qi and the way you experience it, is affected by many things including emotions, environment, health habits such as exercise, eating and sleeping, etc.  Xen energy is not affected by these things.  It exists as an absolute truth that we know.  Your Qi will feel the results of working with IQM, but the work is done from the level of Xen energy.  This method does not relieve a person of their responsibility to do the best they can to heal.  Your Xen knows that it is your highest consciousness to choose those things that will create health and balance. 

     For example, my chronic left wrist pain was diagnosed as a tendon issue. After a year of orthopedic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care, I started applying IQM to the condition and was able to heal and become pain free.  With the IQM work, I was able to recognize the energetic reasons for both the injury and the pain and make the corrections that were necessary to affect the physical.  Having suffered from many illnesses, some chronic, I was amazed at how easily Integrative Quantum MedicineTM relieved the emotional and mental components to illness as well as the symptoms and degree of suffering.  In the past, when my body would experience a slight jolt, misalignment or strain, my fears would take me into the “what ifs” and the fears of getting sick or anticipating that I would need to “see someone” to help me regain balance.  Now, with using the IQM method, I make the “correction” and most times, my body releases the tension and the symptom.  I still know when to see my chiropractor or doctor, but when I went for my annual physical this year, I realized I had not been back to my doctor for a whole year!!  I stay in balance longer! 

     How does this simple tool work and why is it different than all the other healing modalities I have spent years learning, practicing and teaching?  IQM is immediate, simple, and only requires a willingness to transform energy by utilizing consciousness that is already a part of you.  It goes beyond “knowing” better or the skills of positive thinking or visualization.  You do not even need to believe it will work and it does.  Once you learn this for yourself, you can work with others in your life if you choose to (with their permission).  Again, IQM is a respectful, non-invasive approach to shifting energy and therefore matter (the physical).  Please join me in an Integrative Quantum MedicineTM Level I March 10th & 11th in Purcellville, VA.  I would love to share this amazing technique with you!  Create the life and health you want with IQM.

You can read more on IQM at Louise Mita’s website or 

Debra Babarsky website at under IQM

Debra is also available at  (540) 338-0620) in Purcellville, VA

Integrative Quantum Medicine TM

 Saturday, Nov. 9th  and Sunday, Nov., 2019


Holistic Health Center

142A East Main St.

Purcellville, VA 20132

10:00 -4:00 pm

 Ease your mind -  Heal your body -  Make room for your life force!

 Integrative Quantum Medicine tm is energy medicine at its best and teaches you to:

·       Eliminate energetic blocks that are causing physical or emotional disorders.

·       Recognize and optimize the energy / health available to you in life.

·       Strengthen your intuitive listening – Learn how to muscle test accurately.

·       Become more clear and definitive in your choices – know your “higher truth”.

·       Release old patterns, unhelpful emotions and limiting beliefs.

·       Lessen the impact that others and the outside world have on you.

·       Create greater freedom to enjoy your life and vitality.

 Integrative Quantum Medicine tm (IQM) is a self-healing modality that combines techniques of energy mastery, with anatomy, physiology and quantum theory and requires no drugs, needles, herbs, tools, or physical contact while producing immediate results.  Most illnesses and disorders begin with an energy imbalance on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels.  In this 2-day IQM workshop, you will learn to recognize how your energies are focused or stuck, correct imbalances, and empower yourself to move through challenges with more ease. Integrative Quantum Medicine tm is a tool for transformation and healing. 

 Cost: $250. Please ask about family discounts for 2 or more members

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 This offering of IQM in the greater Washington Area is being offered by Debra Babarsky, M.A.,L.P.C, a trained and certified IQM practitioner and teacher.  Debra’s integrative approach to health and healing are influenced by her work as a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor, her specialization in body-oriented psychotherapy and holistic health and 40 + years of yoga practice and meditation.  For questions or registration, please call Debra at (540) 338-0620  or contact her at  For a more in depth look at IQM visit (IQM) and Louise Mita’s (creator of IQM) website at